Thursday, February 3, 2011

Supposed art?

So I was in class today and we had gotten off topic and some how ended up talking about art and what not.
In today's world we usually take anything creative and/or color and slap a label n it calling it "art".
I really don't find this to make sense, last time I checked art was all about taking your current emotion and turning in into a physical entity which can be viewed and shared with people in which in turn makes the viewer
feel the same emotion that you felt.

But in today's society that does not seem to be the case.
Art has now seemed to have turned into a medium of entertainment to distract people from their boring daily lives. You could pretty much do anything and call it art.

So with that, I leave you this picture of some "art" I made in GIMP out of pure boredom.


  1. Still art, whether you like it or not. One of the most frustrating things for artists through history is the fact that their intentions are actually immaterial to and divorced from the legacy of their works.

  2. This is a debate that could be discussed for quite a long time, but rather then getting upset over it, just realized that calling it art won't make it art. Art is in the eye of the beholder and people with common sense and good taste will realize it's not art.

  3. Haha what Jactating said. It's quite an entertaining picture still

  4. Resetti at the top. This is awesome. :3

  5. That is actually a pretty amazing piece of artwork.
    You could write essays about the symbolism and themes.

  6. That's... beautiful.
    (also this font is destroying my retinas)

  7. I agree, a lot of what is called "art" today probably isn't. But then again maybe the definition of the word art is changing.
    Yeah, this debate could be led for a very long time.

  8. While people could argue that the picture is art, that would mean we'd have to accept Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff as art, and I am not ready to live in that kind of world.

  9. As an artist myself, I definitely agree with you. It's all about self-expression.

    That picture is amazing in every sense of the word.