Friday, February 4, 2011

An ode to Noodles

Oh Yakisoba noodles why must you be so expensive.
Though you may be worth the money, I hardly ever have enough to ever buy you.
Your sweet smell.
You heavenly taste.
The way you slide right into my mouth with each slurp.
You are truly the greatest of all noodles.
You can not be matched.
You cannot be defeated.
You are truly number one.
But I have only one question for you of King of Noodles.

Why must you be so expensive?


  1. I find this rather amusing. Also, you made me hungry.

  2. This...oddly reminds me of One Piece and Gurren Lagann, haha.
    Yakisoba is so good though ;;

  3. Hmm, Noodles. I'm going to make some now.