Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PC gamers, the stupid race!

[Now before you start reading this article, I am in no way bashing PC gaming, or PC gamers.
I myself play quite a few PC games. But my PC is not a godlike computer like most of the other gamers out there]

We've all heard the saying before "PC Gamer Master Race reporting in!" yes?
Well I'd like to talk about the PC gamer for a bit.

Now for those that don't know, when a person says "PC Gamer Master Race" it pretty much
means that they person is apart of an elite force that is in denial who play nothing but PC games,
and perceive the PC to be the greatest gaming platform of all time.
Now I know what some of you are thinking, "How could that giant slab of metal be the greatest
gaming platform ever?", well allow me to tel you what PC gamers think.

PC gamers say that unlike the dozens of consoles to come out over the years, the PC will live forever and
will never be outclassed. Well that maybe true, because all our gaming consoles are also a form
of computer, just not as powerful as say an Alienware, but they are getting pretty close.
When it comes to PC gaming PC gamers always have three main arguments.

1. the PC is a multi platform machine that can play every single game ever made with ease.

Well yes, I do agree with this, the PC is a power machine that can play every game ever made.
What with all the emulators and ROMs out on the net. But PC gamers also tend to forget that those
games/ROMs they are downloading, is a form of theft, in other words ILLEGAL. Another thing I'd
like to touch up on is that most modern gaming PCs can only play PC games post 2005.
Any PC game prior to that is almost unplayable because it requires specific specs that only old PCs have.
Just the other day I tried to play Jazz Jackrabbit  2, guess what it wouldn't work,
why because the game was too old and my PC did not have what was needed to run it properly.
Same thing for the old Theif games as well.

2. Instead of wasting money on consoles, you can just upgrade your PC.

Now here is where the stupidity really sets in.
PC gamers claim that console gamers waste money by buying consoles and handhelds.
Now yes, a computer can be frequently upgraded so they can play games on their max settings,
but here is where reality hits. Upgrading your PC is VERY expensive.
For example, Crysis2, one of the most visually astonishing games every created, MANY people
are looking forward to this game. I actually know this one guy who literally spent four years building himself
a super gaming PC just so he could run the first Crysis game on max settings.
Games like this need an extremely powerful graphics card so they can run smoothly on max settings.
Lets take a look at the most powerful graphics card on the market so far.

See that little $530.00 price tag? Yeah? Expensive isn't it?
You know what else you could get for $530.00?
You can get not one, but two of these little beauties.

And you'd still have money left to spend.

3. PC games are better than console games.

I agree with this, and I disagree with this.
When it comes to games made for both consoles and PC, one version of the game is clearly going
to be superior to the other, depending all one what platform the game was originally made for.
Lets use Thief:TDS for example. When that game came out it was originally made for the PC like the
prior Thief games which were PC only, but an xbox version of the game was made as well. I borrowed
the xbox version from a friend of mine, and it was really difficult to play. I'm not saying the game was hard in general (which it was) but I just didn't feel very comfortable playing it. Recently I bought the PC version of the game, and I must say it feels much more stable and comfortable to play on the PC. Same things can be said 
about the Legacy of Kain series of games. A game like PSO (Phantasy Star Online) on the other hand
feels very weird and awkward to play on the PC. Why? Because even though it being an MMORPG,
the game was originally made to be a DreamCast game, and the PC version of the game just didn't really work out too well. The same thing can be said about games like Sonic the Hedgehog as well.

Basically even though the PC can be a powerful gaming platform, the PC gamers that worship it
like it's a god don't ever tend to think of reality when it comes to the faults of their favorite platform.

But that's just my rant on the subject.


  1. PC gamers are in denial

  2. PC gaming... I never could and never will be able to get into that.

  3. Nice article, you make some good points.
    I think the most important thing is which games you like best. I wouldn't ever try to say that Wii gamers are the master race, but it's the only console I own right now just because there are Wii games that I really love.

  4. There are several points I disagree on, but I'll address the biggest one.

    Just because it's the most powerful card on the market, doesn't mean you have to buy it for a good machine. My card cost fifty dollars, and I've got a backup that cost ten. Both are pretty good. Not the best, but they work for what I need them to.

  5. I've wanted to get into PC Gaming for sometime, but I agree with everything you've said here. OH well. We all need to come together and realize we're all equally dorks who spend way too much time and $$ on games XD